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    Achieve great results
    in the supply chain.
    We define
    problem and then apply the solution for you
  • An effective solution for managing the pharmaceutical business:
    • control center
    • increased sales and service maintenance
    • inventory optimization

High competition?

Low profit and low inventory turnover?

Forecasts not acurate?

Assortment is not differenet comparing with competitors and sometimes worst?

Lost sales because out of stock?

If these questions are relevant for your business, our solutions can help you.

Inventory turns.

The high cost of credit?

Lack of money for the development of the network?

Working capital are very limited?

The problem with warehouse space?

Solutions PharmaMS - base on adequacy inventory improve inventory turns from 20% to 50%.

The lack of necessary products

If there is no product on the market - Then your first retail chain, which ends desired products?

At the beginning of the season the percentage of missed sales more than 5%?

Solutions PharmaMS - help to become a leader in product availability, reducing the percentage of missed sales.


The average number of rows in the check is not high?

The average number of checks per day is not high?

Customers leaving when there is no the desired product in your retail to your competitor?

Solutions PharmaMS - automated assortment management system.

Analysis of the current and new business environment.

Creating a test environment, demonstrating the potential to improve.

Team training. Achieving results in the short term..

Help in determining the strategy and implementation tactics to become a leader.

Our results


pharmacy chains integrated


up to 99% availaibility perfrmance

8 days

up to 8 days inventory turns


pharmacies conected to the system

"PharmaMS changed the method of doing business" Viktor Putvinskis. Pharmacy chain "Camelia"

Our clients

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